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Thanks for your interest in the Industry Exploration Program. Please be aware that this is not a job interview, but an excellent opportunity to learn about career paths outside academia.

In order to participate in the program you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a postdoctoral research fellow at a participating institute.
  2. Attend a seminar on intellectual property hosted by your postdoc office.
  3. Complete the biosketch form on this page.
  4. Obtain written permission from your P.I. by having him/her send the completed Industry Exploration Program's P.I. consent form. Your institution's P.I. consent form can be downloaded after you your account is created.

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A good biosketch should include: a description of your scientific skills, a brief description of your career goals, keywords to describe your research interests/skills, optional: names of your grad school, postdoc mentors, and locations.

Be concise (250 words of less). Double-check spelling and grammar! View sample biosketch

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  • Accounts will not be activated unless requirements 1-4 above have been complete.
    • Do Not submit your profile until your P.I. has approved your biosketch.
  • Once activated, all words in your profile will be searchable by companies.
  • The information (Degree, Skills, Expertise, Areas of interest, etc) you provide will be used by companies to select program participants.
  • Companies will select participants based on keywords in your profile.

By submitting your profile you agree to complete a follow up survey regarding each visit you participate in and to cooperate with program administrators during the planning of an informational seminar for future participants.

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